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On Thu, 18 May 1995, Jonathan Maskit wrote:

> I agree with Chris that these two books are "worth taking a look at". But
> while Zimmerman's is quite good, I cannot say the same of Bourdieu's.
> Bourdieu begins with the assumption that philosophy can be explained
> sociologically (this is not unique to this book) and then proceeds to
> recast Heidegger's confrontation with the neo-Kantians as one which is
> rooted in Heidegger's class background. We can explain his insistence on
> such things Bodenstaendigkeit and Eigentlichkeit (autochthony/rootednes and
> authenticity) by means of his upbringing and his failure to feel "at home"
> in academic culture. Far more interesting are two by Lacoue-Labarthe:
> _Heidegger, Art and Politics: The Fiction of the Political_ (Blackwell's)
> and "Transcendence Ends in Politics" in _Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy,
> Politics_ (Harvard UP).
> Jonathan Maskit

I would concur, especially about the Bourdieu. Although PLL's book is
better than most, I still look forward to a book that has no axes to
grind. One book that has received a lot a praise from various sources is
Dominique Janicaud's L'Ombre de cette pensee (?). Unfortunately, it has
not come out in english yet.

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