Re: Helden von Langemarck

On Sun, 28 May 1995, Robert A. Wendel wrote:

> resoluteness, "vorlaufende Entschlossenheit". For it is without the security
> of foresight that authentication in the face of the possibility of death,
> which is our innermost possibility, which is the even more certainly most
> assured probability of those "Helden von Langemarck", those heroes of
> Langemarck, who mythically rushed out of their "trenches into the open"
> towards the French bayonets with the "German national anthem on their lips".
> It is the image of these heroes, of "Der Deutsche Soldat", that Fritsche
> compellingly affirms must have been in the back of the writer of Being and
> Time when he wrote about anticipatory resolution. How could Being and Time

In "Metaphysical Foundations of Logic," in the section where Heidegger
tries to fend off misunderstandings of Being and Time, he specifically
wants to ward off those who think that Being and Time removes the
possibility of authentic sacrifice. God forbid that he be taken to
advocate a position at odds with the heroic soldier's life.

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