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From: Madan Jha <[email protected]>
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Subject: a book on CSS
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 04:32:48 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Geeta Diwan
We met in Ashok's seminar on common schools. I also got a chance to look at your book 'slumming India'. You may be aware that under Chinese compulsory education law there is a provision which says, 'Facilities for compulusory education shall be included for construction and development of both urban and rural areas.'
Recently, I went around Dwarka- a city of the 21st century...excellent private school buildings are coming up...roads, waters upply etc. are coming up as a part of infrastructure being done by the developers/DDA...but no thought of incluidng school building for imparting 'free and comlusory education' as a part of the infrastructre!
It is presumed that all will go to private schools and pay huge fees (there are very few govt. school buidlings, to keep the record correct) but that is not going to happen ...there will be domestic service providers and so many people doing odd job to keep the rich and famous comfortable...their children,
where they would go? obviousyl to EGS/AE/learning centres and would have
'contextual and innovative learnings' thanks to NGOs and funders!! so where are we?

I am propsing a book on the common school system..with eminent contributors..on its various aspects? Would you like to be one? You could perhaps suggest the title, the no. of words and the time you would like..
the proceeds of the book would be spent on advocay for the CSS in consulation with the contributors/authors.
looking forward to your support!
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