[eebill] enrollment drives, mobile schools, schools shut

A news report of June 2004 said Union HRD Minister was
urging Delhi CM to conduct a survey of dropouts and
Delhi CM was urging Union HRD Minister to give money
for enrollment drive. It gave (already) a statistic
for drop-outs widely different from one quoted in a
news report about survey (already) concluded in
September 2003, referred to NDA Bill, did not refer to
Free-Seats, etc. With nothing better to do, I wrote a
(has also links to the provocating news reports and to
another of July about the Juggernaut rolling on in
form of enrolment-drive-with-focus-on-dropouts)

Juggernaut has now arrived at 'mobile-school'
milestone (as per today's
in 'closure-of-vintage-government-schools' country, as
per day-before-yesterday's

Deja-vu. In 1999, with stout plannerly insistence that
all that oozes no sense makes lucid non-sense when
checked for land-loot, I had written for Jhuggi Basti
Sangharsh Morcha in Indore a booklet (and also put
architecture training to good use by putting together
a street exhibition) about Indore Zila Sirkar's
'rationalization of education' idea of shutting
government schools (on prime land) to open schools in
slums (by writing school in chalk on derelict and
going a-begging for taat-patti). The Indore Sirkar
also had idea for 'revenue generation' by commercial
use of schools not being shut (leading, among other
shamelessness, to one Ding-Dong Bar outside one girls
school). All this was already on its way to becoming
state policy, later EGS... augh.
Booklet text:

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