[eebill] [News report] Centre notifies Disability Act

Didn't realize this was another social jurist PIL!


Daily Pioneer, 14.11.04

Centre notifies Disability Act

Staff Reporter/ New Delhi

The Centre has told the Delhi High Court that Section
30 of the Persons with Disability Act which talks of
formulating an education policy for the disabled has
been notified.

The move will enable children to seek a legal recourse
to their problems.

According to the Act's provisions, it's incumbent on
State Governments to prepare education schemes for
disabled and handicapped children.

As per the scheme, it will be the duty of the State to
provide transport facilities to disabled children or
provide financial incentives to their parents/
guardians to enable them attend school.

The notification stated that the State will have to
ensure easy entry and exit facilities in educational
institutions to such children.

This would include construction of ramps, handrails
and other facilities as per Central Public Works
Department (CPWD) guidelines in schools, colleges and
vocational training centres.

The decision came after a petition filed by an NGO
Social Jurist.

Said its counsel Ashok Aggarwal: "Such children have
always been denied of their Fundamental Rights.
Justice has eluded them children for years. Time has
come when these children get the same facilities
accessed by the privileged few.

The Act aims to make educational institutions

Meanwhile, the Delhi Government counsel told the court
a scheme for the disabled children is already in

However, Aggarwal argued that majority of funds
released under the scheme is returned unutilised by

The court directed the Delhi Government to implement
the notification along with the present scheme

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