Re: [eebill] CABE / sub-judice common-school-system issues

rajesh, i don't get what you are saying. would
appreciate if you could clarify. gita.

--- "Rajesh R." <[email protected]> wrote:

> "But the children who started the
> MPISG efforts in 2000 are done with primary school,
> and questions of justice can no longer be answered
> by
> the questions of law that we have successfully
> raised
> and the discourse has successfully ignored."
> So much for all the received theory of separation
> and balance of powers,
> accessibility of justice to the common man, and
> citizens' voice through the
> political system and civil society. The discourse is
> everything. Isn't this
> fascism calling itself democracy? - Rajesh
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Re: [eebill] CABE / sub-judice common-school-system issues, Rajesh R.
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