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Yechury wants an independent regulator for education? Is this following the
2004 World Development Report guideline of separation of policymaking,
regulation and service delivery? What is the experience of regulation in the
power and telecom sectors - DERC, TRAI, as also SEBI? Is this `social
control' or business regulation in the interest of business?

Meanwhile medicos held a protest convention against commercialisation and
capitation fees on Sept 23rd. Two interesting revelations from their press

" 2004-05 the Government of West Bengal had admitted NRI quota students
in 75 percent seats in two newly created government medical colleges. This
move created great resentment among students, guardians, educationists, and
other intellectuals, which has given birth to a people’s movement now raging
across the country. The issue has been stayed as per the Supreme Court’s

...The Government of West Bengal, undaunted by the Supreme Court order
thwarting its plans to start an NRI quota in government medical colleges in
the state, is attempting an alternative path to commercialisation of medical
education. It has established a completely illegal and unrecognised
self-financing West Bengal University of Health Sciences, which has taken
over all the medical institutes in the state. The Government is indifferent
to the fate of hundreds of students studying in an unrecognised

Perhaps this is why Yechury needs a regulator for education?


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Hindu report: Yechury demands equity in education

[eebill] Convention on Education 24/09/05, Gita Dewan Verma
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