[eebill] [scan] Nursery schools pick up rule ... (another social jurist PIL?)

Nursery schools? pick up rule puts parents in quandary

Most ?sought after? schools provide transport only for
nursery students living within a radius of five to six

Neha Sinha

New Delhi, October 4: THE fact that most of the
well-known schools are located in southern and central
Delhi has created a difficult situation for parents in
other parts of the city.
... ?
Resident Welfare Associations, meanwhile, have been
trying for three years to forward the concept of a
?neighbourhood school?- a good school in each locality
which will have active participation of RWAs. ??We are
lobbying for the participation of the middle class in
the setting up of common, accessible and good schools
in each locality. A PIL has been filed regarding
this,?? says Ashok Aggarwal, advocate of the Joint RWA

| our *won* PIL is now part, via intervention,
| in his own quota case!
| what does the man want?

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