[eebill] schools matters (09/11/05) and Education Bill query

was sick and could not go to court, but was told by
MIB that attended that:

* large number of schools were represented in the
court room (pursuant to the notice in newspapers)

* bench (DB-2 now, J Vijender Jain & J Rekha Sharma)
said even schools not obligated by lease condition
should provide 25% free seats and it has to be worked
out how poor and rich children can study together

* Delhi Govt has been directed to have meeting with
schools and Social Jurist Ashok Agarwal and come out
with a practical solution

* matter is listed for 7 december


resonates with Right to Education Bill, 2005? see:

any one know a url that tells for sure if this is
being tabled in coming session of Parliament?

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