Qutb Colonnade restaurant-cum-bar

As per reports of 18.10.03 a city court has ordered status quo for Qutb Colonnade and asked DDA for proof of unauthorised construction having been undertaken after notification of building rules of 2000.

In terms of DDA's mandate, building rules are merely instruments for ensuring land use according to Delhi Master Plan. Qutb Colonnade violates provisions for residential areas, villages, facilities and conservation set out in DMP-1962, DMP-2001 (1990) and F-Zone Plan (1998). Falling in an urban renewal scheme area and in special conservation area / Mehrauli ridge, it is also in violation of special provisions that apply to these.

Such land use violations (irrespective of whether or not they involve building level violations) are to the detriment of the traditional fabric of villages and infringe Plan entitlements of villagers. They also impair development of commercial space in the city according to Plan. (These issues are sub-judice as part of WP 6980/2002 in Delhi High Court).

In Mehrauli area they also adversely affect the precarious ground water regime, notified by CGWA.

Yet again, building level violations and Master Plan violations seem to have become obfuscated in the court to advantage of violaters / disadvantage of those awaiting implementation of Plan entitlements.

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