Single-point electricity and safety of women and the political agenda

As per news reports of 18.10.03 CM met with Home
Minister and AIDWA demonstrated outside Police HQ
about recent incidents of rape. And Police, alongside
manhunt for rapist of Swiss diplomat, is to arrest
Badarpur Block Congress Committee president in the
single-point electricity matter in which his
vice-president was arrested on 06.10.03, when BJP and
LJP had urged Police to act on similar complaints
across Delhi. But single-point contracting was not an
issue in the BJP-Congress ?debate? at IHC or in LJP
President launching of Third Front campaign. Also, CM
has not met Home Minister for credit-blame play about
BJP urging Police, nor has the Left demonstrated at
Police HQ to demand police action also where LJP
vice-president is not contesting Assembly elections.

On 12.10.03, Gulab, ?ladies pradhan? in a 50-year old
?slum?, lodged a thana complaint against injury by
representative of single-point contractor. Workers of
all parties are seized of the incident and complaint.
They are also seized of long-standing problems with
single-point system in the area, as is Congress
?controlled? DERC (disinclined to regulate this
system) and BJP ?controlled? DDA (which has not
written to DERC while writing to civic bodies for
?perspective plan? for DMP-2021).

No one has rallied around Gulab, woman victim of crime
of systemic rather than aberrant nature.

Meanwhile, Dr Nigam, out on bail in matter of alleged
rape of a minor who came to him for treatment, is back
to taking brisk walks past his clinic in unauthorised
addition to his flat right next to colony gate where
the RWA has put up for additional security a board to
keep hawkers out. And Police has not replied to
letters following an incident of rape of domestic help
by flat resident about how police bhagidaari with RWAs
seeking relaxations of building and environmental laws
and charging ?pass-money? from domestic service
providers is ensuring safety of non-bhagidaars.

The political agenda does seem hot air balloon!

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