Shopping malls – sand wise land foolish

A contractor laying a drain for Vasant Kunj Phase II
malls has been caught stealing sand. An indignant DDA
official says, "Nobody is supposed to take away sand
from a DDA site. Land and other natural material is
our property". Two truckloads of rock-mixed sand were
transported with permission to Vasant Kunj sports
complex as tennis courts are being constructed there.
But 21 truckloads were taken without permission. See:

Malls and Vasant Kunj Phase II east of JNU and the
Sports Complex south of D2 Vasant Kunj in green belt
are themselves all without permission.

And hundreds of truckloads of excavated material were
removed from L&T mega-project site near Sultangarhi
stopped by the court, including for filling johad in
Munirka for sports complex and it is said also for
water body usurped by Sahara. There are unattended
complaints in thana and in DDA about that. Dozens of
truckloads were also removed from behind Arjun Camp
after it was cleared while claim to janta housing site
reportedly occupied by Sahara is sub-judice.
Complaints about that were ?attended? with reprisal on
03.09.03, at exactly the same time as CM laid
foundation stone of a Liver Institute, also without
permission, right next to Vasant Kunj sports complex.

What?s the fuss about?

Delhi Development Act does not contemplate land
ownership by DDA, only responsibility for its
development according to the Master Plan.

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