Sand wise?

High Court was hearing today, now yesterday, a PIL
about illegal mining. A distinction was made between
quarrying and presence of stone crushers (pollution
being the grounds on which Supreme Court had banned
quarrying) and there was talk of surprise checks.

I don?t know about mining. I do know it happens, as in
the rich area around Mahipalpur, earmarked for this in
the Master Plan in 1962. Contractor stealing
truckloads from Vasant Kunj Phase 2 Mall site, police
complaints about similar in Sultangarhi mega-housing
scam and private parties helping themselves from area
between JNU and lately demolished slums in Vasant
Kunj, recurrent working of disused quarries in ridge
area, are amongst cases not privileged by PIL.

In the courtroom I thought of Ved ji who holds forth
on how clean sand makes light cups and declining share
of Delhi clay in Khurja potteries since illegally
mined sand is not cleaned. Of Gulab recalling
especially the precisely sized rubble for Airport
runway, accidents causing deaths, crutches, her own
glass eye. Of Hotilal ji who knows the crusher history
of the area. Of so many who know so much of the past
and the present of mining in Delhi that will pass
quietly into history... become substituted by what the
court master recorded.

Irresponsible ex-parte PIL discourse on land issues
(such is in slum matters today) make me want to hit
the participants on the head with the reasonably
heavily bound Master Plan. But PIL that see red in
every grain of sand moved or ones that see with
blurred vision just tubercular miners only make me
want to ?humbly pray? to all to whisper so we can hear
those who know, while they are around to tell.

Does any one know which ?eminent citizens? have filed
the PIL about Red Fort? The designer named in news
reports is associated with the illegal mega-project
next to protected Sultangarhi tomb.

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