Model Municipal Law – ‘guidelines’ by MoUD

Recall a remark about USAID?s model municipal law for
us (AMDA conference on 20.09.03)? Seems they are done.

We still have the decency to pretend this is ?set of
guidelines formulated by the urban development
ministry... to be unveiled next month to invite public
opinion?. And to save public embarrassment of
overestimating worth of its opinion, it is clarified
that ?The ministry recently sent this set of
guidelines... to the Delhi government which should
finally be passed by the Assembly?. (That makes it the
fourth law-making initiative in conflict with Delhi
Development Act ? while a Standing Parliamentary
Committee is supposedly examining functioning of DDA).

It is also transparently stated, ?Urban local bodies
are implementing the 74th Amendment ...In Delhi the
project has been undertaken by USAID...?. For those
likely to over-react and say, say,
or what-are-Americans-doing-in-this, there is opiate
of inane verbiage that it is bad manners to question ?
from reformists of renown, such as our MCD
Commissioner and USAID FIRE project consultant and
coordinator (both Indian), correctly mentioning,
respectively, Delhi (municipality for project in
hand), Kolkata (complex case befitting consultant),
Alandur (obscure case befitting coordinator). [With
the city, or at least its civil society, swooning over
the Prince it might have been useful to clarify, to
soothe anti-US nerves, that the FIRE project is
actually managed by a private American firm that works
closely with DfID].

At the AMDA ? Association of Metropolitan Development
Authorities ? conference, serious questions were
raised about the 74th in the metropolitan context,
including about Constitutionality of the Kolkatta
model, with reference to similar emergent development
in Delhi. FIRE project coordinator, there the whole
day, made only the one patronizing remark about their
Model law for us. Irrespective of how mediocre the
AMDA conference might have always been or now become,
it remains a platform for professionals. Even
bureaucrats or politicians on the dais (as
chairpersons or VCs of participating authorities)
usually ask technical officers to make their
presentations. And the ministry directly and
indirectly supports AMDA. So? How come the conference
got sidelined?

The mainstream might want to become dissident like me.
Get marginalized respectably!

Noticed, besides who and what makes up civil society
durbar for HRH visit, that the tour stops all involve
Master Plan violations? MCD Commissioner told me, in
right royal person, about the Master Plan that it is
outdated concept and we don?t do it in London any
more. See.

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