Mumbai Olive, Qutb Colonnade and Sahara bars-cum-restaurants

A Mumbai celebrity bar is likely to open shop next to
Qutb Colonnade bar-and-restaurant in Mehrauli.

There are developments in the matter of Qutb
Colonnade?s model bar-lady getting shot in April 1999.

She shouldn?t have been shot, as she shouldn?t have
been there, as Qutb Colonnade shouldn?t be where it is
-- in violation of Master Plan provisions for
residential areas, villages, facilities and special
conservation area and Mehrauli ridge and also of CGWA

A model?s sensational murder failed to focus attention
on gross illegality of the scene of the crime, just as
the sensational arrest of a former Justice in the DDA
scam failed to focus attention on gross illegality of
Sahara restaurant-cum-bar 2 km away, reportedly
occupying a site meant for housing the poor.

The murder case lingers in High Court and the former
Justice is reportedly back to practicing law in it.
The grossly illegal Qutb Colonnade restaurant-cum-bar
and Sahara restaurant-cum-bar continue to flourish ?
and the city reportedly waits for their ranks to grow
with Mumbai Olive. Cheers.

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