Re: [mpisgmedia] VISION Mumbai - Santa Claus

These Global City visions grow real with debate
(witness Delhi Master Plan 'guidelines' - being
implemented, recited in Courts, called new Master
Plan, become agenda of new government).

Their constitutional basis ? in terms of planning law
as well as of validity of a few bhagidaars piecing
together like blind men around the elephant their
descriptions and prescriptions for our cities ? is
obvious point to challenge them. The question is not
about vested interests ? they are doing what is
expected of them ? but about the safety valves that
are failing as the crisis deepens. Individuals in
public authorities, NGOs, media and the professions do
not share these visions, but as systems they are
co-opted into discourse about what has no business

Maybe vision-walas think they are dream-merchant-age
Santa (Claus not Singh!) to the city - sort of:
Dashing through the smog, on Metro or expressway
Over folks whose space we hog, fly-over all the way
Vision-o-tall, vision-o-mall, vision Global way
Oh what fun it is to vision bhagidari visions hurray

Wannabe plannerly Santa?
Gift-a-(sensible-global)-Vision? Let?s do Safdarjung
area redevelopment ideas:

Make merry!

Good you are catching court reporting. Will post
tracking account of recent happenings in Supreme Court
and Delhi High Court with more direct plannerly /
allied dimensions -- on proudpora since this list
promised to be free from properly plannerly prose.

--- Jayant gehi <[email protected]> wrote:
> Dear Mam, I have been in Mumbai for the last 3
> months and i find that the state of affairs in
> development the same all over delhi its the
> DDA which is being guided by "___" motives and here
> it the builder lobby (ironically im also working
> with one such builder) ....they have ther own "NGO"
> Bombay First...which together with GLOBAL
> consultants Mckinsey have made a Vision MUMBAI 2013
> document ....they want to turn mumbai into shanghai
> by 2013 and our dear CM has made a task force headed
> by a Chief Sec to implement the same .... has anyone
> heard of a regional or a development plan for mumbai
> ..... the planner with Bombay first says the govt
> planning auth dont have the vision to think of such
> steps ....
> I myslf dont know what they r saying will be
> effective or not but on the face of it ...i feel
> there is no regard and understanding for the
> established norms and processes ..... that have
> given shape to our cities....contd/...

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VISION Mumbai, Jayant gehi
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