FW: They are burning the judgements.

The following is from an e-mail I have received from a young professional in Mumbai

This morning (9am - 12noon), there was a discussion on "Forced Evictions and Law" organised by The national forum for housing rights, law network, The centre for housing rights and Evicions at the WSF.

Several cases from various countries around the world where discussed.

Colin Gonsalves discussed the cases of the Supreme Court Judgements (Kirpal Judgement, Ramaswamy's judgement) in for Delhi, Ahmedabad and Calcutta. Mr Gonsalves was exteremly critical of these judgement calling them anti-poor. One could later sense extereme anarchy with his sharp criticisms of the judicary and his call for the "revolution".

Mr Rajeev John George (NFHR) later announced the "Mass Rally on Anti Forced Evictions Demonstration and Public Outcry against Atrocious Anti Poor Judgements". This he said would start at 4pm from gate 2 and end in the maidan where several judgements of the above discussed kinds would be burnt. The NGOs participating in this rally include: NFHR, HRLN, NHSS, SVM, GGJ, AAA, YUVA, CHATRI, ANKUR, MASUM, CHINTAN, Hazard Centre, Nirmaan Mazdoor and Habitat International Coalitaion.

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