‘Housing Rights Event’ at WSF to burn court judgements

I just heard on phone they are assembling for the
rally that will culminate in burning judgements.

No point telling us judgements are not sacrosanct,
democracy allows freedom to burn, etc. We only know
this serves no purpose of either WSF or Rights Event
and if a purposeless proposal is protested, civilised
discourse must discard it. And uncivil discourse
merits protest in any case.

We had mailed earlier today to WSF and MR again. see:
We plan to keep pestering now for public debate.

No point telling us there's no point pestering. Chaps
who put up do-not-disturb signs on doors behind which
they do development discourse forgot to put up
do-not-bang signs! If they reduce others to ghosts
others might as well at least remind them it is the
privilege of ghosts to haunt. BOO

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