They did not burn it.

I guess your pressure worked and worked really well.

At around 5pm today, some groups of NGOs collected at gate 2 and were led into a rally by Rajeev John of Indore (NHHR). They were carrying large cutouts of Mahatma Gandhi and were demonstrating against the Forced Evictions ofSlum Dwellers. After two hours of the rally culminated outside the media centre of WSF where the demonstraters performed a street theater to illustrate a typical eviction process and the involvement of the various interest groups.

As announced the previous day, the onlookers were expecting the performanceto end with the burning of court judgements. This however never happened. The leaders of the group wrote down "Kirpal Singh pick pocketeer judgement against slum dwellers" on a large sheet of paper and anounced that they "would tear the sheet of paper as a token of resistance against the court decision". The sheet of paper was torn after that. No judgement was burnt on site.

Later when Rajeev John spoke to me, he said that the plan was to burn the judgements, but since Ms Ratoola Kundu did not come and the court judgementswere with her, they could not burn them.

I'll send you more about the coverage of earlier events later tommorrow.


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