Arjun Camp Cases

Slum demolitions and resettlement for favour of
world-class riverfront, heritage, shining artefacts.
Protests against demolitions for favour of
resettlement, against resettlement for favour of
services, favour of time, favour of 'in-situ'. In-situ
regularisation for favour of unauthorised colonies.
Protests against exclusion for favour of credit, for
favour to the rich in name of the poor... ...Such
favours currently being bestowed are incapable of any
problem solving, as repeatedly demonstrated in the
past, and the impression of their lawfulness, conveyed
by references to court matters, is false since facts
of lawful solutions are not before the courts. The
city is being taken for an unjust, unlawful,
unaffordable ride. Solutions guaranteed by planning
law as well as processes undermining them beg urgent

On 10.02.2004 in the Arjun Camp cases ? after three
affidavits failed to answer the challenge to slum
improvements or resettlement in context of misuse of
land set aside for EWS housing under Delhi Master Plan
? High Court has ordered personal appearance of
officers for directions. We believe these cases, based
on city planning law and not pursuit of some favour,
call for urgent discussion.

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Gita Dewan Verma
Planner / Master Plan Implementation Support Group

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