Misuse: shining shenanigans

Three news items over the weekend to show how we

We have 'policy' to allow farmhouses parties with
'misuse fee' of 50000 to MCD. Misuse penalty for
illegal use and license fee for legal use we know.
What is this 'misuse fee'? Shining nonsense that can't
be credited to any lawful accounting head. But with it
the Master Plan stands de-facto modified. Those
aggrieved by illegal noise and diesel genset pollution
and illegal ground water withdrawal and illegal
through traffic got no chance to object. To feel good
they could ask for a cut in the fee extorted, in
shining bhagidari, in form of property tax rebate or
credit card for freeloading at the parties allowed.

We have 'proposal' sent by DDA to MoUD for Act
amendment to increase misuse penalty from 5000 to
50000. DDA tortoise. MCD shining hare.

And we have 30 crore project to redevelop developed
DDA markets since DDA is feeling good after recent
auctions of commercial space. Beyond call of duty
(scope of statutory mandate) it is going to spruce and
shine markets it has already handed over to MCD.
Legality of recent commercial auctions and up-market
misusers (of space meant for small trade) in developed
markets are both challenged in courts. Prior to
shining shenanigans, auction proceeds cross-subsidized
non-remunerative uses. Now they are to benefit those
not entitled to such subsidy, including misusers of
space meant for uses that had to subsidized. Now
farmhouse walas could refuse to pay 50000 without
spruce-and-shine first ? for equal treatment of all

To feel good I have written to ask the 30 cr being
invested in DDA markets be spent on implementing
outstanding provisions for informal / small trade in
them, an imperative arising from law and also cabinet
approved hawker policy, and jeopardized by the current
project. Since what I'm suggesting is only priority
use of available funds for something assured on
affidavit in a case based on prior initiatives of
hawkers and customers, it is also justifiable in view
of latest politico-administrative precedent ? a
unanimous decision accorded priority to Pushta over
other resettlement on grounds of available funds,
court matter and prior initiative, and the court
endorsed this decision on 11.02.04.

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner / 16.02.04

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