Pushta demolition – start of round2

Brazen violations of law, policy, court orders and EC
directive are being repeated after a gap of just over
a month ? this time under the garb of, besides
war-like police deployment and court order, election
commission clearance. Pushta demolition restarted

This is not yet another attack-on-the-poor or yet
another episode in the endlessly-saving-yamuna farce.
This is rare outrage. And what it is doing to courts,
commissions and police and to public confidence in
them is a question that's not going anywhere.

Officials in Election Commission and Police
Commissioner office were kind enough to meet about
letters of yesterday and today and have said they will
do something. The bulldozers, however, have already
run amuck. If there is anything anyone can think of
doing about them, just do it.

Complaint to Police Commissioner at
Letters to EC at

Latest I learned is that survey is ongoing. Serious. I
have pictures of bulldozers at one end and surveyors
at other. It seems The Survey is 4 years old and is
being updated in the part not being demolished. The
part being demolished had as per (4 year old) survey
1334 dwellings, including 228 now listed as eligible
for resettlement plot. 1106 surveyed families, and
maybe twice as many voters, are unaccounted for in the
process being followed, purportedly with EC clearance.

There is a continuing chronicle since the first Pushta
demolition on 13.02.04, but I will not demean it with
beggarly postings. Post-Pushta, I fret about the
indifference more than I do about the anarchy. The
great law of shit ? more you take, more you get ? is
going to muck us all. amen.

bit of discourse that might make news tomorrow to
obfuscate what happened today at
what is political ecologist?

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