Pushta round2 - continuing

The third Pushta demolition is slated for tomorrow,
violations continuing ? notice that is legally
defective and in disregard of Supreme Court slum SLP
direction, survey list that is obsolete, declaration
of most ineligible without opportunity to object, no
process to protect voting rights of those declared
ineligible, selling to the eligible (92 out of about
400) of parchis for plots of 18 sqm and 12 sqm
(illegal plot sizes) - both for 7000/-, refusal even
after request to offer court ordered option of down
payment of 500/-, etc. There is little police
deployment, unlike earlier parchi camps.

Pushta citizens have written to EC and Police (in view
of small breakthroughs of 16th and 17th) for public
hearing before further demolitions. (Tripathi, who had
gone to EC to deliver the letter, tried to speak to
media, called by CM. Others tried with media called by
Shoaib Iqbal lot in Embassy).

Those facing demolition have requested (in writing)
clarification about procedures before demolition.

And, in view also of clearances to Cooperative Bill
and Sultangarhi scheme, the small but long and still
standing protest against willful development and
willful dispossessions is moving from malba of
Gautampuri-II to round2 debris from tomorrow.

An account of what arty activists had to say yesterday
is at
What the politicians have to say to EC about Pushta
might make news tomorrow. What they were wanting to
say to EC about remarks made about the Congress
President / woman was on television yesterday. What I
said to EC today was we lost about 2000 voters
yesterday and might lose tomorrow about 600, besides
those that don?t have 7000/- to pay for sub-standard
resettlement in lieu of settlement, now become
pre-requisite for retaining right to vote!


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