Pushta round2 – 1 lakh voters to slip from rolls?

The third Pushta demolition, second in quick-paced
round2, was effected today.

MCD officers refused to issue plot slips for less than
7000/- saying they had no instructions apropos court
order about entitlement to slips against down payment
of 500/- and that they had no instructions about
voters among the ineligible majority, etc, either.
Police officers, when asked to not let demolition
start in view of this contempt of court and EC
directive, said they were there to give protection to

Calls pursuant to meetings in offices of Election
Commission and Police Commissioner on 16th and 17th
were unsuccessful, like the SLP with facts and
representations about this and plenty more from the
first demolition that was dismissed without being
heard on 15th.

In support of representations made on 18th by Pushta
citizens for a public hearing about illegal processes
before next demolition (done today), I have faxed to
EC a letter to point out, among other things, that at
this rate over 1 lakh citizens are going to be
disenfranchised. (There are about 75000 families in
Pushta. There are about 19000 resettlement plots
available in all. Even if nearly all these are sold to
Pushta evictees, over 55000 families are going to be
dispossessed without resettlement. In the process
being followed over 1 lakh voters will go missing from
the rolls).

The court can not and has not ordered this. The EC
cannot and has not cleared this. The politicians are
so obviously lying about this and their illegal
scheming on the riverbed is for all to see. Someone
better hear the citizens and soon. Today DDA has
started (without basis in its statutory mandate, at
behest of Union Tourism Minister) preparatory work for
Pushta clearance from the other end. Contrary to what
media is reporting, Pushta round2 is not going on
happily (Pioneer) or peacefully (Hindu). It is one
tragic war-zone out there, a bizarre occupation poised
to prevail.

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