Pushta round2 – like war

The Hindu has a report that says Jagmohan,
single-handedly pursuing implementation of Delhi High
Court directive to remove slums from Yamuna Pushta,
made a presentation to EC about how existence of
slums, come up in violation of civil and criminal
laws, is not conducive to free and fair polls. After
his presentation, the Commission in a statement said
relocation of slums from Yamuna Pushta was not a
violation of the model code of conduct. That must have
been Sheila Dikshit.

I wish someone would point out to EC that it would do
well to stop worrying about impossibility of model
conduct by our politicians and start worrying about
the fact that the way things are going in Pushta over
1 lakh voters will disappear from the rolls. (see
previous post, also there is no response to the
business of the notice pasted in the debris of the
first demolition about proposal to remove the shifted
1636 ? about 1000 not resettled ? from the
constituency electoral rolls).

And I wish someone would ask about Jagmohan going
single-handed with pious references to the court the
following: What did MoUD, GNCT and MCD do about court
order of 03.03.03 for removal of all riverbed
encroachments ? not just pushta slums ? in two months?
Why did they not get started, being duly represented
on DDA, on preparing / notifying by due process
inclusive of 90 day public notice a Zonal Plan? Why
did they not do anything about a legal slum policy
after the same court had quashed the illegal slum
policy on 29.11.02 in the same matters? In absence of
legal Zonal Plan and legal slum policy, under what law
is Jagmohan single-handedly doing what in pushta in
the name of a court order that was not for his
ministry at all?

And I wish someone would ask DDA and MCD, enlisted for
the war against pushta, how exactly are they free to
take orders from the Tourism Minister.

And I wish someone would ask the Police what it is
proving by painting pushta khakhi when there can be no
chance of resistance to this war-like operation,
complete with malicious propaganda about what is not
there, designs for profit, embedded media, diplomacy
moves and whatnot.

And I wish someone would ask the community and
organisation building walahs how come I have to say
every time I want to just give a copy of a letter I
wrote ? like about court order about parchis for 500/-
being a right not being complied with ? that it does
not matter who I am and why I am there, how come all
talk of bigger wars but have no clarity, direction or
leadership for their own.

And I wish someone would ask the safety valves of
democracy where do people turn for truth and for
justice if even they will not give a hearing to them.

And I wish someone would tell me why no one is
interested in the war against pushta, it is after all
being waged in the name of favour of great governance
and that oxymoron will spare none.

And I wish, with momentary lapse of logic, for magic
that produces a fighting chance against all odds.

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