Pushta round3 - continuing

The next demolition is scheduled for 25.03.04 (though it could happen tomorrow) in Kanchanpuri. Yesterday no one had taken slips and had faxed the demand for public hearing for clarifications before next demolition, translated text of which is at
(I circulated the url this morning, but have had no response. Police, MCD, MCD Slum Wing and DDA refused to accept the letters. From reporters I get the impression that media wants to avoid Pushta controversy.)

This morning a Hindi newspaper had an MCD Slum Wing official saying demolition will be effected irrespective of slips. Today people started taking slips. Officials said they could issue them for less than 7000/- and that problems about plots could be sorted out after resettlement and for clarifications senior officers should be approached (though letters of 05.03.04 and 09.03.04 to MCD Commissioner from those in Gautam Puri 2, demolished on 13.02.04, have been ignored and the public hearing demand was not even received today). The Notice, pasted in two places, is torn. The list has 909 names ? 634 for 12.5 sqm plots and 175 for 18 sqm plots. The area has well over 3000 families. 6 have been taken to Bawana Block-D today.

In Gautam Puri 2 about 400 out of over 800, in Gautam Puri 1 / Koyla Plot 228 out of over 1300 and near Power House 92 out of about 400 got resettlement. There is a clear design to resettle 75000 families in less than 19000 available plots. Survey is underway in Indira Colony, where citizens are expecting a list of about 200 in this proportion.

In Kanchanpuri there was plenty of investment in, besides upgrading, research by NIUA, SPA, etc, and NGO activity. A slum cooperative of over 200 members, who paid for housing, was also made under an earlier MCD policy that has turned out to be a scam. Coincidentally, MD of NCHF called this morning about a slum study that MoUD has commissioned to NCHF.

Jagmohan's presentation to EC about citizens not being conducive to fair polls has been reported again today. The real estate market, I am told, is responding to this show of state capability. Metro IT park is expected to sell well. Among those sure to shine, the feel-good spread-effect is marked ? from Khyber Pass to Sultangarhi and mall (all illegal. The rest face for now the Bawana Blunder ? making news also for industries in face of yet another court deadline.

One can only hope courts and commissions survive what has sunk politics and the professions and public authorities and institutions.

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