Pushta round3 – the truth is iraq?

Lies about citizens, like about WMD. Spoils of prime
land, prime like oil. Manipulation of institutions,
media, opinion. War it is. And violent it turned today
in Kanchanpuri.

A bulldozer buried two including a child. I did not
see this, but enough people said it happened. The
bulldozer was set afire. The fire spread. The fire
tenders took a while because free trucks were parked
all over. Citizens ? may be two dozens of them ?
started stoning. The troops ? in hundreds ? were
turned on them. Reinforcements arrived ? men in blue
fatigues who carry guns and those who come in Vajra
riot control trucks and do teargassing and such
things. Those who were stoning were taken to the
police station. Khakhi spread all over and did things.
Civvies called for their reinforcements ? more

The bulldozers were not to start today at all as per
notice. Citizens have been seeking since last week
suspension of clearance till a public hearing about
violations of law and policy and contempt of court and
EC directive in the process followed thus far. They
had sent today another letter about reprisal since
raising these questions. And then this happened. And
then the few who sat down ? just sat down, in dismay
more than in protest ? were asked by Police to leave.
(I was asked to sit on a chair).

The citizens are no longer opposing clearance of
Pushta. They are seeking clearance as per law, as
necessary for them as for public confidence in courts,
commissions and police, all drawn into this mess. They
are seeking a public hearing to be able to tell FACTS
about evictions already done. They have a prima facie
case that stands, on one hand, on increased investor
confidence in illegal schemes on the riverbed after
this display of state capability and, on the other,
the dubious arithmetic of resettling 75000 families in
less than 19000 available resetltemnt plots. Even if
they did not have such a case, they have the right to
be heard under development law.

Their demand of 22.03.04 for public hearing is at:
Their demand of earlier today is at:

That they will not be allowed to raise these demands
has been demonstrated today. Please give them a hand,
for they just happen to be stuck in a messy part of
the portrait of anarchy being painted for all.

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