Pushta round4 – SPA(students)-Pushta synergy

On 27.03.04 some SPA students invited those seeking
clearance of Pushta according to law, a position
consistent with their professional position.

Besides SPA students and Pushta citizens a few others
engaging in solidarity or support were also present.
On 28.03.04 a few students and MPISG representatives
were in Gautampuri-1 and Koyla Plot helping citizens
put together facts for engagements for sorting out
problems with their resettlement. All agreed to
participate in the presentation at IIC on 31.03.04
(where Nalini had arranged for me to give a talk).

For the SPA meeting a note profiling engagements and
documentation along with illustrative documents
(Additional Affidavit text for round1, CEC letter for
round2, demands for hearing for round3) were tabled
and a summary account of key issues was sent later.
The students have sent an account of the meeting also
to authorities (whom they had invited) inviting them
to the IIC presentation.

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