Pushta resettlement - requests, 06.04.04

Translated text of letter to Secretary, MoUD, GoI

Sub: Request apropos resettlement from Pushta, etc

It remains unclear under what law and with whose
Constitutional jurisdiction the Pusht clearance drive
is underway. Since it is violating Delhi Development
Act, of which Union Urban Development Ministry is in
charge, and since the SLP against the High Court order
of 29.11.02 in the matter of slum policy was also
filed by MoUD, the following requests are made to you,
with copy to others:

1. In Pushta clearnace MCD has evicted about 7000
families and resettled about 2000, mostly in 12.5 sqm
plots. Objections against charging of amount of
Rs.7000/- for 18 sqm plots also for 12.5 sqm plots
have been raised since first eviction of 13.02.04. Now
DDA is charging Rs.5000/- for 12.5 sqm plots. It is
requested that a transparent process for refunding
Rs.2000/- to those charged Rs.7000/- instead of
Rs.5000/- be immediately instituted.

2. In resettlement areas the drive to cancel
allotments has also picked pace, although this was
underway in name of order of 29.11.02 in name of stay
on which resettlement is underway. The basis for these
seems to be the dubious arithmetic of 75000 Pushta
families and 19000 resettlement plots. The successful
effort of some old relocatees in Narela to scuttle the
move to cancel their allotments also demonstrates
arbitrariness in procedures. It is requested that
basis and procedures for cancellation of allotments be
clarified so that relocatees are spared corruption and

3. The resettlement plots are on temporary license,
whereas government is making several efforts to make
freehold space, including for misuse, available to
others, even as under Delhi Development Act land was
compulsorily acquired from farmers with objective of
ensuring benefit of the poor and is to be allotted
only on lease only for use according to the Master
Plan. It is requested that basis of temporary licenses
as well as permanent options according to Master Plan
be clarified. In this regard, the request for priority
with loan facility, in line with the Master Plan as
well as Planning Commission recommendations, in
allotment of Janta flats, etc, to citizens in slums
and slum-like resettlement colonies in the vicinity
has already been made.

4. Since there is no tenure in slums and only
temporary tenure in resettlement and since they are
short of Master Plan standards, development in them
can only be considered interim. While license fee for
such development may be valid, it is requested that
legal basis for charging citizens 'share money' or
'development charge' for such sub-standard and interim
development be clarified, especially:
* 'Share Money' charged for resettlement by MCD,
receipts for which call it license fee
* DERC order of 26.03.04 to private discoms to provide
at rate of Rs.2750/- individual connections in slums,
an order that a Delhi Minister has described as
'historic'in news reports of 31.03.04, even thouh
development charge, etc, has already been paid, under
government's contractor scheme, by citizens in slums
and, without any refund, also in resettlement, and
cross-subsidy component therein has also been paid by
others in development charges.

Thanking you,
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner


For information:
* Citizens resettled in Holambi,etc /MPISG ?
Resettlement convenor
* MPISG ? Bastis convenor

With requests as above:
* Vice Chairman, DDA
* Commissioner, MCD
* Chief Secretary, GNCT

In continuation of correspondence about Pushta
clearance, for information:
* Commissioner, Delhi Police
* Secretary, Elecetion Commission, also with query as
to whether DERC order of 26.03.04 is consistent with
Model Code of Conduct

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