Pushta round5 Vijayghat shamed

On the weekend after Indira Colony fell on 01.04.04,
in Vijayghat Pushta people were packing / demolishing,
even without Notice.

and complaint to Police Commissioner about MCD and DDA
wrongdoings, NGO and JCB doings and lost property
voter ID at

By 06.04.04 so-called voluntary-demolition in
Vijayghat Pushta had become epidemic. All that I spoke
to said they had no choice and were only salvaging.
Babus, cops and pradhans insisted it was all voluntary
and bulldozers would only mop up later.

On 07.04.04 bulldozers rolled in. On 08.04.04 ToI had
156 words about peaceful voluntary operations and NDTV
had 223 words about police deployment and shroud of
secrecy to keep media out.

On 10.04.04 five bulldozers were busy and
voluntary-demolition also underway. People were still
getting resettlement slips. As per the ToI report 100
out of 10000 families had got slips by 07.04.04, about
10 days after lists were put out. DDA officials
declined to tell how much further progress had been
made. ToI report of 11.04.04 says 1000 homes were
demolished, of which half were eligible for

What it took to just look on 10.04.04 was bizarre. See

Vijayghat Pushta is falling, Vijayghat being shamed.

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