Pushta round5 mistaken demolitions in Tejpal ki Bagichi

On 09.04.04 homes of some cultivators in Tejpal ki
Bagichi were mistaken demolished along with jhuggies.
Translated text of letter of 12.04.04 from those
affected to Secretary, MoUD, GoI in this regard is as

Sub: In the matter of mistaken demolition of homes of
cultivators along with Pushta jhuggies

On 9 April 2004 alon with jhuggies in Tejpal ki
Bagichi, Pontoon Bridge Road, homes of some
cultivators were also mistakenly demolished.

Cultivation has been going on here since 1920. Apart
from being useful for the Yamuna area and the city
this is connected to a centuries old system and worthy
of conservation and expansion.

Despite widespread concern for environmental and
heritage conservation, nothing has been done for
development of Yamuna reiverbed cultivation and
cultivators. Instead, on account of a mistake of the
state some cultivators have suffered losses.

Kindly take the trouble of directing immediate
appropriate action for rectification of this mistake
as well as of providing clarification about
development proposals.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
(on behalf of all cultivator families)
C-24D 502, Moolchand Basti Part 1
Bela Estate, Shantivan, New Delhi ? 110002

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