Pushta round5 – shame

Media reports of yesterday?s incident in Vijayghat
Pushta leave one speechless. The only thing all have
in common is names of four so-called arsonists.
Everything else ? from names of clusters, time of
fires, number of tenders, number of huts gutted,
persons injured and dead, etc ? are different in
different reports. Expectedly none captures the mood
or context and one at least admits it is not first

A letter to EC requesting reconsideration of Pushta on
grounds of 7 implications of the prima-facie scam for
free and fair polls, with copy to Police Commissioner
with request for reports on complaints, to Secretary
MoUD with request for response to representations
seeking clearance of all riverbed encroachments
according to law, etc, is at:

The bulldozers had taken a break today. People knew
what the reports had said about them. And they were

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