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> The TOI of May 29, 2004 has an article on how the
> Master Plan 2021
> has plans of making a dedicated cycle lane from
> trans Yamuna to CP.
> The study has been carried out by IIT delhi on
> behalf of Delhi govt. Any
> provision of cycle lane in existign legal plan of
> 2001?

master plan envisages cycle tracks as part of
integrated system for landuse-transport optimisation
to limit length of corridors, energy consumption, etc.
e.delhi-cp cycle track is proposed in the plan.

if a dedicated cycle lane is part of a holistic zonal
transport initiative aimed at objectives of the plan,
it would be the cycle track contemplated.

if it is designer piece un-connected to purpose of pic
of which it is part, it is likely to be typical sop
that does not rock the gimme-more-corridor boat.

latter is leitmotif of GNCT-IITcentre collaborations.
centre, i am told, has volvo funds and seems to be
selling high-capacity buses over metro - with humane
face, ie, hawkers, cyclists, etc, feature, without
regard to statutory provisions, in their designs -
which i suspect also cost more per km of corridor.

HT had one is about DDA-TERI nullah-front 'innovative
project', inclusive of lane for kids to cycle to
stadium. o-d / cohort decision that views bike as
recreational transport, besides over-design, are also
in dis-connected pretty-piece-bhagidari style.

to get to the bottom of how and why of pedal pushing
suddenly becoming hi-fashion designer stuff, one might
start with asking what stops DDA transport wing from
doing cycle tracks like menial master plan task.

can't tell more as i am not qualified transport
planner. am copying to the list so we can all figure
this out together.

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