[Mpisgmedia] clarification: water bodies and commercialisation of residential areas


re 1.
I do not know the specific area / waterbody you mention. In general:
* The potential of small urban water bodies to 'solve' water problems is over-rated. You cannot catch much rain in them if their catchment is no longer draining into them, which is usually the case.
* The attention they are getting is at the cost of attention needed for threatened water resources of significance, eg, ground water in the riverbed, ghitorni bowl sw of central ridge, etc
* It is also at the cost of water bodies needing more urgent protection for rainwater management so surroundings are not waterlogged / flooded, eg where n-s and central ridge meet, ie, mahipalpur.

re 2.
dynamics of commercial use vary with type of residential area. if you tell me a place i can give specific inputs, including from current court matters and public notices. in general, besides manifest problems of parking, noise, etc, unfettered commercial use of residential areas has other implications, eg:
* if shopping in an area caters mainly to the area, then commercial use in homes means planned commercial will not sell, if it caters to larger area, some other planned shopping will not sell (eg, GK - Nehru Place) and eventually DDA will go bankrupt since it makes money from commercial use
* commercial use of homes creates housing shortage, which filters down (HIG move to MIG stock, MIG to LIG, etc), especially if flat additions, etc, are regularised, forcing the poor into slums, also because janta flats are prone to commercial misuse because of the way they are designed / sold.
* commercial use in down-market areas (janta housing, resettlement colonies, urban villages) is often garbage-dump syndrome, ie, uses needed by surrounding posher residential areas on account of speculative delay in development of their planned commercial use, which locks in disparities.
* etc, etc.


From: "aasheesh mamgain" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: proper use of natural water bodies and rapid commercialisation of residnetial areas
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 16:22:35 +0530

this is Aasheesh Mamgain from HT. i have been getting ur regular mails
about different important issues effecting our city.
i need your help on two counts.
1. A big lake behind Haiderpur village (near Shalimar Bagh) is in the
process of being covered by DDA for building housing blocks and shopping
complex. Even now as the bulldozers are putting in truck loads of mud into
the lake many water birds can be seen moving around. Can you give me some
inputs about how nearby natural water bodies (lakes, ponds) or old time
water bodies (like baoli or water tank) can be used in solving water
related problems in our city. Something on why such lakes should be
protected rather then filled up. can you give me something on this by 12
noon, June 5.

2. I am also doing a series on rapid commercialisation of residential
colonies of Delhi. i have already done a story on the commercialisation
of Vasant Vihar. Can you give me some inputs about this issue on other
colonies in the city.


Aasheesh Mamgain, HT.

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