[mpisgmedia] Hawking Hawkers scuttled?

NASVI (SEWA) had arranged today a sammelan of
representatives of hawkers associations in Delhi to
form a federation to press for implementation of the
national hawker policy that NDA had made at instance
of NASVI-SEWA during 2001-2004.

>From the dais Madhu Kishwar of Manushi, at whose
instance PMO had made another policy in 2001,
presented an account of, besides her illegal 'pilot
project' (with 'team of architects'), the startling
way in which Supreme Court was led by MCD to allow
them. According to her, hawkers agreeing to Manushi's
'discipline' (inclusive of collection of payments and
fines by Manushi) are being spared MCD harassment.

I will post more about all that asap. This is only to
clarify my intervention today, in case there are other
versions (as has happened often at NGO-arranged

I intervened, to begin with, only to inform that
hawkers associations I am consultant to have made
already a conflicting demand, viz, that, even if UPA
pursues the NDA national policy, etc (NCMP does not
say it will), Delhi should be excluded. This is on
basis of attempts since 2001 (by hawkers and
customers) to get statutory Master Plan solutions
implemented and the assessment that in the garb of
so-called policy entitlements are being denied to
spare hawking space for illegal up-market use and to
create mechanisms for privatizing hawker extortion,
illegal market development, etc.

The panelists (and media) had left by the time (after
lunch) I got to say this. I am not sure why I was
asked / allowed to counter all that was said
subsequently. Representatives of most of the dozen odd
hawkers associations present (mostly from NDMC area)
spoke to me and took my numbers. I was asked if I
would join the committee being formed and I declined
saying I am planner consultant and do not interfere in
committees. I was asked if I would advise the
committee and I said I could be consultant to
associations that were speaking to me and also
consider being consultant to their committee if its
agenda did not conflict with my other clients?

The committee will be deciding first of all whether to
demand implementation of the national policy or Delhi
Master Plan provisions for hawkers.

For surreality of policy making and unmaking, see some
old prose (2002) at:

A horse's mouth account of how the Supreme Court order
came to be passed is in two articles in Manushi Issue
135 (March-April 2003), one of which is available at:

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