[mpisgmedia] Ridge shenanigans

Have updated NCMP-DMP Minder

Two long posts that especially those at SPA and TVB
might want to see.
(1) Tomorrow old settlements are to be demolished for
unplanned malls and park near institutional plots,
including one for SPA. (Mall on Ridge / Park on Poor)
(2) Yesterday a primary school was demolished without
notice, identically situated in DMP terms as TVB.
(Demolishing school / Banishing students)

(Former refers also to builder awards for
architectural excellence of ridge and riverbed
shenanigans, to letters of 11.06.04 about which CoA
President and MoUD Secretary have not replied and from
President of India there is acknowledgment of 18.06.04
saying communication has been forwarded to MoUD Secy)

Demolition tomorrow is in Vasant Kunj Biodiversity
Park and bandobast is circus. Thana has list of names
of troublemakers, first round of pick-up-ing for
lock-up-ing just began and it might be long night to
demolition day. Those who had gone earlier to ask in
absence of formal notice by what time tree planting or
whatever is urgent needs to start so all can clear out
before (thought of war-like-Pushta being most
distasteful) are flummoxed. Children are most
flummoxed because they went today in school bus to
find someone in high office to call up our DCP to read
our letter between demolitions and had a most
flummoxing time. I am additionally flummoxed about
uploading images and the one about children is XL
sized word file and I am glad to say sorry for that
since I dunno how to say sorry for the comprehensive
XXL sized mess. Did we miss declaration of war or
anarchy or something?

(For hard-core plannerly types there is also third in
housing-education-enterprise triad of capital cases of
NCMP-DMP subversion ? industries. Seems to me closure
orders cannot be lawfully complied with ? academic
point, of course, law being passe).

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