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I have been getting calls about Akshardham, become
vicious plump red herring. We are losing - LOSING -
our riverbed to unlawful unplanned development, which
the city has amply demonstrated throughout the
industries imbroglio, the Pushta war, recently
reported deaths of bovines and of babies evicted by
court orders that it does not mind at all. There ends
the plannerly case against the lawless senseless
takeover of riverbed by glamorous goons in collusion
with pseudo-greens and pseudo-pinks and
super-pseudo-experts and PIL thereby and committees

Peaceniks better mind the takeover now, since PIL
against fully-built temple (which seems not to mention
ugly peach blocks being added to it) by some UP union
with no previous record of riverbed activism can go
nasty places with collusion of those who were pretty
keen to paint Pushta in communal hues that did not
quite exist. And courts, just before issuing notice
for Akshardham, have appointed committee for river and
sought report on riverbed encroachment clearance and
government plans for industries reported yesterday are
also as lawless as before. War again in name of river
it might be and vicious it might get.

About 3500 words of plannerly angst of 10.08.04 night
about wilfulness on riverbed is at

With tone-apologies and request to be spared
Akshardham DMP queries.

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