Re: [mpisgmedia] PIL on Construcction in riverbed

Nalini wrote:

> However I must confess that the DDA in this Master
> Plan preparation are totally oblivious of both
> ecology and heritage and that they are very
> fundamental and core area.

I won't say all of DDA, but all in and out of it who
have hijacked DMP revision are oblivious to all
imperatives of planning sense and law. It is
disgusting how the Akshardham PIL has them in a tizzy
only about their Games next to it.

An SPA physical planning student lately did her thesis
on the Games Village. It started with some suggestion
that she look at hypothetical question of what to do
with hypothetical migrants who might hypothetically
inundate the city for building it for Games. She
sensibly chose to investigate, instead, the physical
planning question of siting decision, despite
resistance from big gurus in studio (including BK Jain
of DDA, in charge of riverbed Zonal Plan and of DMP
revision). She found the riverbed bad choice of site.

Can anyone ask her to please join this discussion /
post something about her work on AZ plan?

And Nalini wrote:

> ...Gita's
> becoming a lone voice becomes too soft to be heard.

Thankyou. Soft-spoken-ness certificate! Those who been
saying shrill, please note (for better way of saying
same thing, touche!)

and, softly, fundamental to planning is equity - in
space and in time. hence pushta/industries and river
and redfort (or rangpuri/lalkhet and ridge and
sultangarhi) are currently making planners equally

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Re: [mpisgmedia] PIL on Construcction in riverbed, Nalini Thakur
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