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The Hindu reported that the land belongs to the UP Irrigation Dept?! Still does not explain why the Employees and not the Department are approaching the Court.

Dear Jeyant,
It is good to hear from you.
I do not know who has filed the PIL. But it is a valid issue and I am glad you have brought it up.
Unfortunately when all this was going during the NDA Government I am sure except Gita no one would have brought it up. Our gutless professionals! Gita's becoming a lone voice becomes too soft to be heard. Now that we have another Government many people are talking.
Let us not talk about "ecological balance" cliche but talk about facts that will help our collective future survival. The river Yamuna is a perinial river originating in the Himalayas. This should not be underestimated. The river Yamuna is also a shallow river and at Delhi it is flowing on the plains. This means that during monsoons it can widen to great extents. The maximum widening of the river information should be got from a technical agency. Only a few days ago I read some info from an agency in Pune who had expertise in this matter.
The 1962 Master Plan has made some landuses and defined river bed which may be underestimated....Then the entire location of Akshardan is out of question. However spot land use change etc has been done for "holy use" which is a shame! DDA saying they have built a bund is plain stupid .... perinnial rivers have to be treated with more respect.
Ecology as a discipline and the application of ecological understanding in planning and development has come after 1962 Master Plan. Especially perinnial rivers, their banks and how to deal with them is much better understood now. There is a great opportunity in the Master Plan in the making to utilise this scientific knowledge. Our group should follow up this theme.........
However I must confess that the DDA in this Master Plan preparation are totally oblivious of both ecology and heritage and that they are very fundamental and core area.

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Hi all I came across this news article anyone knows the people who have filed the PIL.


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