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--- Aruna Bhowmick <[email protected]> wrote:

> Good Lord!
> Did any of u know that Gita Dewan Verma is not a
> Planner? Well she is not, as I learnt today. At a
> focus on the decision-making processes governing the
> supply and demand of the collective goods and
> services in four major Indian metropolises, by
> scholarly professionals, I saw this Tall Dark and
> Handsome guy who looked like an architect and a
> cynic.It made sense.
> Ever on the lookout for a sympathetic ear that might
> even in the smallest way help in de-commercialing
> the everything of Delhi, over lunch I went up to him
> and asked what exactly brought him there.
> TD&H told me that he was a an architect as well as a
> Planner, and "What are U?"
> I told him the truth, that I was "Tuchh
> Prani"(Ordinary/Humble Soul), who laid claim to
> about
> 1/300,000,000,000....th fraction ownership of Delhi,
> it being 'my' city, and therefore make efforts to
> save it from plague, plunder and what have u, also
> polythene bags, mineral water bottles, politicians,
> builders and various other mafia.
> He was: Not Impressed. (Some people never are.) I
> tried some more. "You must know Gita Dewan Verma?
> Was she a junior or a senior at the SPA? She too is
> a Planner." Further Not Impressed. Even vexed.
> "She is not a Planner."
> "Oh, but she is! She says..."
> "So what if she says; U can say anything. SHE IS NO
> PLANNER." [Period] I was so aghast, I had to go on.
> "But all of Delhi knows she is....."
> "If u say so, everybody will think so, but that does
> not make U one. No. She is NOT a Planner."
> "London? She read for it at London....."
> "I LIVE in London." It was meant to sum it up. So I
> let it go.
> Bewildered, and not one from the fraternity, I,
> being a mereTuchh Prani, thought I'd have to let
> Gita defend herself on this one. We talked of other
> things.
> But I cannot keep this to myself. I am so sad I
> can't even wait till morning. Is Gita really not a
> Planner?????
> First the misusers. Then the land grabbers. Then the
> MCD.Then the ministers. And now even Gita!!!!
> I think there is no hope for any of us any more.
> I don't think I want any stake in this city, or for
> that matter any city at all, any longer!
> We talked of how wrong everything and everyone was.
> The Govt, the NGO's the Bhagidari scheme, //
> authorities, all other authority---wrong. Just
> WRONG. It was a rigidly vertical stance.THE GOVT
> How? "SOMEHOW."
> I don't know why I was beginning to think of a
> Unicorn.....
> TD&H can be found as Suresh Kumar Rohilla,
> Affiliated Research Fellow, Urban Studies, Centre de
> Sciences Humanities, 2 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi
> 11001.
> [email protected]
> [email protected]
> [email protected]
> http://www.csh-delhi.com
> Hoping (totally against hope, for I am terribly
> partial to TD&Hs) for someone to tell me that the
> TD&H of today was too young and 'growing child'
> while 'Gita didi' was finishing her Degree course in
> Planning, and so is not aware.......its a straw I'm
> not quite clutching.......She isn't really a Planner
> is she??? So now we know. All of a sudden I realised
> that I am actually a bannana tree!

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