[mpisgmedia] Escorts 50 crore offer, policy to auction facility sites, etc

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PIL-driven discourse about free beds and free seats
has achieved in 2003-2004 what was unthinkable or at
least unspeakable ? managers of noble professions of
healthcare and education ignobly violating the law of
land have declared that they would rather be mercenary
than noble and the state, having for long made clear
that it could not care less, has stooped in the week
after Independence Day to negotiating the fee for
abrogating nobility, bargain price for selling the
city?s health and education resources to those who
have been violating health and education rights of
citizens with impunity. Before pushing further its
mercenary interpretations of facility and charity,
untenable in law or sense, this historic discourse
might want to consider how history will judge it

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charity and law | Insidiousness |

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