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> Some food for thought. I am recently selected by
> MMRDA as Chief of Planning Division in an interview.
> Kedar along with the MMRDA Officers Association
> filed a writ petition in the High Court that I am
> not qualified for holding that post because I have
> specialisation in Housing and he is most qualified
> because he has done MURP (from SPA). So I am also
> having to prove that I am planner!

this is serious, am shifting this to the list at
for discussion within the (esp SPA) fraternity.

for information of others, planners' degrees from SPA
since 1986 say Masters in Planning with specialization
in x,y,z. Uma has specialization in Housing (me too).
Kedar has earlier Masters in Urban and Regional
Planning degree. He is a senior planner with MMRDA.
Uma is senior planner in CIDCO and has been planning
Navi Mumbai since it started.

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