Fwd: Re: [mpisgmedia] Dharavi

nidhi, have fwdd harshad's full mail to you.
for others, esp in mumbai, for info.

ahem, dharavi is in mumbai, this is DMP list. we could
use redevelopment list to talk dharavi. mail to
[email protected] (nidhi, uma, anyone
who attends harshad's lec or can key in ToI thingummy,
etc). who else did i ask? prasad, jeyant. oye.

--- hb <[email protected]> wrote:

...i will be talking about slum issues in mumbai, at
the rizvi college this saturday 28-08-04 at 2.00 pm to
students and faculty ... check today's Times Of India
- it carries an advertisement (actually seems more
like a clarification) from the SRA (slum
rehabilitation authority) about their proposal for
Dharavi in a nutshell (a real nutshell that seems to
beprovide answers to some misinformed questioners). it
does not have any plansetc but plain text...

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