Re: Re: [mpisgmedia] Dharavi

thanks, kedar. might be useful for nidhi to meet with
whoever is working on it. rgds, gita.

--- kedar ghorpade <[email protected]> wrote:

> Dear Gita,
> Hey!! Well There are different nomenclatures for the
> Dharavi Redevelopment Approach. I doubt if it could
> be called a 'Dharavi model', even before it is fully
> implemented or researched. Dharavi, the proclaimed'
> Asia's Largest Slum', is undergoing a metaporhosis
> through the gentrification process. Dharavi once a
> small settlement in the fringes of Island City of
> Mumbai is now the core/link between the city and
> suburbs. Therefore the reasons for the Dharavi Model
> (??) is purely of the real estate dynamics supported
> by the 'System' and MArket. I have already somebody
> working on it can get back to you after some initial
> primary/secondary survey.
> Bye
> Kedar

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