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hadnt somebody mentioned that somebody had given a statement in parliament saying akshardham hasnt got a clearance under EIA? but technically speaking cant they take refuge in the fact that the temple complex does not fall under the mentioned categories of hospitals, new townships etc etc?

nidhi, NEERI report is in my office. i havent been going for the last three days... when do u want it? wots ur deadline like?

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This press release dated 9 July 2004 says the Draft Notification was issued in Oct 2003 and EIA Notification 1994 has been amended as on July 9. See original at

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> as far as i know, this draft notification was issued by T R Baalu
> to create problems for
> Jayalalithaa, who had planned a new secretariat.. it is still in
> draft form and has not
> been finalised..

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