[mpisgmedia] For SPA baby-Planners

Dear baby-Planners,

Ms Maheshwari of HT seems bent on proving of you, to
quote her line and quote, 'The only word for this is
sick' and 'reflects a sick mind'. Mr Minister seems to
have ordered inquiry into what you might have done or
said. On 27 August you are probably wondering what the
city is thinking of you. I want you to know what I am
thinking of you.

I am thinking of you in the Planning block on 27 March
when you certainly made front-page exclusive news that
no one reported ? by becoming the only people in the
city to care enough to try and get people in Pushta a
hearing about atrocious things being done to them.

I am thinking of you in IIC on 31 March when, among
other things, you made unreported SPA-and-Police news
after a CID Special Branch Officer was deputed, on
your invitation to Police Commissioner, to attend the
session on the truth about Pushta, along with which
media also missed the truth about you.

I am thinking of you at IHC on 23 July last year when
also you made unreported SPA-and-Police news by
saying, despite being badly snubbed, sensible things
about solutions for the homeless amidst extremely odd
ideas that the big-people had.

I am thinking of you for your work on M-Zone raising
issues gratefully appreciated this Sunday at a meeting
(about which I have not mailed) at Assocham by
industries wanting to ensure lawful compliance of
Supreme Court orders and feeling misguided by media
and government and quack-planners.

I am thinking of you for having said last year about
the mistaken siting of Commonwealth Games Village much
more than what DDA has reportedly now said in reply to
Supreme Court after having wasted public money and
more by not heeding your advice.

I am thinking of you for your efforts to lead the
outcome of Shunglu Committee inquiry to the healing of
SPA, inquiry whose report the Ministry has not given
you despite requests even as it has ordered inquiry
into you now.

I am thinking of you as very promising baby-planners
in ravaged professional space infested with those
screwing one another and copulating with dogs and of
the irony of you making news only for some of you
having asked (allegedly forced) some of you to do

I am thinking of you with pride and affection,
un-smeared by any sleaze, and I want you to know that.

Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

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