[mpisgmedia] IBC Awards for ridge and riverbed projects in violation of DMP

Dear Prof Rebeiro,
Thank you, Sir, for posting on Architexturez your
letter to Secretary MoUD about my letters about IBC
awards, conferred through President of India, upon a
project by your firm and projects in (ridge and
riverbed) violations of Delhi Master Plan. I am sorry
for not responding earlier, but I only saw it today.

I had apologized in my letter to the President for a
situation that I still maintain was most unfortunate
and should not have arisen. With your response
defending the IBC Awards without taking a position
about, indeed by obfuscating, the fact that two of the
projects honoured involve Master Plan violations,
perhaps I need to apologize again... It saddens me
very much, Sir, that you, who have known me since I
was a baby-Planner, have questioned my credentials and
credibility as Planner just to defend some building

I have posted a reply to your response at
I have not sent this to Secretary MoUD who is not a
planner (and who you forgot to mention in your letter
is patron of IBC). I would like you to tell me how I
am wrong in my assessment that Delhi Government
Secretariat and Garden of 5-Senses are illegal in
terms of Delhi Master Plan. While it is not easy for
me, especially at a personal level, to have to defend
in public debate with you the Plan that you wrote, I
assure you I suffer from no crisis of confidence about
it and defend it I will.

Your sincerely
Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

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