[mpisgmedia] Industries imbroglio and DMP survival / what tomorrow might bring

Tomorrow is the first closure deadline on the Supreme
Court judgment for industries. Government is
reportedly going to approach the court for time to do
'scientific survey' to make recommendations for
regularization. One has to give it to Ma Dikshit for
dogged determination ? she's been doing this for five
years, and remains undeterred even by Supreme Court's
comprehensive rejection of her regularization idea.

Those who find continuing 'consensus' on
regularization bewildering and/or believe a judgment
that upholds lawful planned development should lead to
solving rather than sustaining problems and/or think
law and courts are not old fashioned artifacts and/or
are dinosaurs could browse an account of engagements
by industries for lawful-compliance for solutions and
some polite thoughts about the
consensus-of-dubious-origin that swallowed them and a
few ideas for after-tomorrow.

(it is a diary-piece, about 2500 words, friends and
baaps to read in full without presuming to know-all
from bits and pieces already)

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