[mpisgmedia] Weekly-markets privatization and late-night-shopping liberalization

MCD has a scheme to auction management of Weekly
Markets in unplanned locations and Delhi Government
has a scheme to allow late-night shopping. DMP
provides for planned space for Weekly Markets in
commercial centres in non-working hours. DMP can be
modified only by due process inclusive of Public
Notice for 30 days and NCMP promises a National
Commission for unorganized sector. MCD and GNCTD seem
to consider media hype adequate substitute.

My point is not whether the city should or should not
have late-night-shopping or whether MCD or private
contractors can manage weekly markets better. My point
is just that the state should not violate the law.

Letter to Secretary MoUD is at

There is a bhagidari advertisement / notice of
06.09.04 (ToI, p.11) inviting by 10.09.04 comment,
only from registered unions / associations of
employees / employers on a few points of workers'

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