[mpisgmedia] DSIDC to make exciting porta-cabins to finsish tented schools

(DSIDC is also doing alternative-technology housing,
bidding for freight complex, etc, while maintenance of
industrial estates is also abrogated in bhagidari and
their misuse for commercial purposes licensed de-facto
despite court orders and NGOs are recommending its
chief to be made OSD for infrastructure (transport, of
course) projects - perhaps DSIDC "reform" in
anticipation of industrial closure consequent to its
failure to do industrial area development)

Hindustan Times, 11.09.04
Boxed-in govt students to get porta cabins soon
Amitabh Shukla
New Delhi, September 11
They will no longer be children of a lesser god.
Though not lucky to study in public schools, they
would now at least have a roof over their heads and
not brave the harsh sun or beating rain to read the
printed word. And this, if the Delhi government's
ambitious 'portable cabin' project comes through.
Forced to study in the open, in verandahs or under a
tree, the underprivileged students of government
schools may finally find succour.
Official sources say, newly-designed portable cabins
would be provided in two phases over the next few
months. Fourteen schools have been identified for
implementation in the first phase. The government has
already sanctioned Rs 9.62 crore for the project.
According to a senior official, these are
pre-fabricated cabins built with 'plasto-create'
technology. With in-built toilets, a pathway to the
school and electric fans, these cabins will be a boon
to students forced to weather the extremes of climate.
"The facility will be provided even to those schools,
which face litigation. As the cabins are portable,
these can also be shifted anywhere," an official said.
In the first phase, the Delhi State Industrial
Development Corporation (DSIDC) will construct 268
such cabins. Breaking a norm, this is the first time
that the DSIDC has been assigned the work instead of
the Public Works Department (PWD).
The government currently does not have an estimate of
the number of schoolchildren studying under tin shades
or in the open. However, sources say that the number
could well be close to a lakh

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